Extruder Machine For Fish Feed

RICHI newly launched a new equipment suitable for the aquatic feed industry: RCPH120*2 extruder machine for fish feed, which is the smallest model twin-screw extruder launched by RICHI.

The production capacity of this equipment reaches 1.5-2t/h, which fully demonstrates the innovation of RICHI technology. The introduction of new equipment has strengthened the strength of RICHI feed equipment processing, providing customers with efficient and fast productivity.

1.5-2 ton fish feed extruder

In order to improve product adaptability and produce high value-added aquatic feed, RICHI floating fish feed extruder came into being. The 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed extruder makes full use of starch, and has higher flexibility and wider raw material adaptability in formula use and feed conversion rate, it can produce aquatic extruded feed with pellet diameter less than 1mm.

RICHI extruder machine for feed is suitable for processing viscous, oily, and high-humidity products, and can provide ideal solutions for low-starch aquatic feed, puffed meat slurry, and pet food with high fresh meat content.

Application of RCPH120*2 extruder machine for fish feed

Production of Salmon feed, Trout feed, Sea Bass feed, Sea Bream feed, Sturgeon feed, Tilapia feed, Shrimp feed, Catfish feed, Eel feed, Olive Flounder feed, Red Drum feed, Spotted Rose Snapper feed, Turbot feed, etc.

pellet size for floating Fish Feed extruder

Features of RCPH120*2 extruder machine for fish feed

With the continuous increase of aquaculture species, the requirements for aquatic feed are also higher. The feed should have different properties-floating, sinking or slow-sinking according to the feeding habits of different fish.

At the same time, it can be completely kept in the water for a certain period of time, so that the animals have enough feeding time. To achieve these properties can only be applied extrusion technology. Our fish feed extruders have the following features:

  • The new RCPH120*2 feed extruder machine adopts the steady-state screw combination technology, which is more conducive to the improvement of the production capacity of aquatic feed and the production of freshwater buoyant fish feed. The production capacity is higher than that of similar models, and the power consumption per ton is lower;
  • The processing range covers various high, medium and low-grade formula floating feed, sinking feed and slow-sinking feed; it can produce 0.8mm die hole floating and sinking small pellets;
  • Through technological innovation in recent years, RCPH120*2 double screw fish extruders have been effectively and successfully solve the problems of poor water stability, particle uniformity, and insufficient aesthetics encountered in the production of low-starch formulas, improve the feed intake and digestion utilization of aquatic animals, and improve the growth performance and quality of aquatic animals;
good quality extruder machine for fish feed
  • Using full-kneading screw technology, stable screw configuration, high-precision screw and inner sleeve, and double-platen discharge device to optimize the pressure distribution before the mold and ensure uniform particle size;
  • The gear box designed and processed according to European and American standards adopts 5-stage high-precision gears, equipped with brand bearings and oil seals, with high transmission efficiency and stable and reliable operation;
  • New wear-resistant alloy screw, RCPH120*2 screw life can reach 15,000-17,000 tons, SJPS120×2 screw life can reach 25,000-30,000 tons;
  • Automatic control system can be configured to simplify operation and reduce labor intensity; all data are recorded, so that the influence of operators on the quality of puffed products is reduced to a relatively low level;
  • International brand control components ensure the stability and accuracy of the control system.
ce high quality extruder machine for fish feed

Parameters of RCPH120*2 extruder machine for fish feed

Anti-caking binPGC900/7001.5
Inverter feederWLQ219×12001.5
Extruder (PLC Controlling System)RCPH120*275

Price of RCPH120*2 extruder machine for fish feed

The RCPH120*2 model 1.5-2t/h floating fish feed extruder machine price is usually 70,000-90,000USD.

If you want to know the specific fish extruder cost, you can submit the required dual screw float fish feed extruder capacity, the type of extrusion feed to be processed, the extruded pellet size and other information to the online customer service.

Other optional models

In addition to the most commonly used twin-screw extruder models, we also have other optional models that can reach an output of 1.5-2t/h. If you want to know the product information of these models and know the direct differences of these models, please contact us online for details.

dry type fish feed extruder for sale

DGP200-B Dry Type Feed Extruder

  • Capacity: 1.8-2.0T/H
  • Main Power: 132KW
  • Feeding Power: 1.5KW
  • Cost: 20000-30000USD
wet type fish food extruder machine for sale

DSP160-B Wet Type Extruder

  • Capacity: 1.8-2.0T/H
  • Main Power: 90KW
  • Feeding Power: 2.2KW
  • Cost: 30000-35000USD

Working principle of fish feed extruder

  1. In the extrusion chamber, the material is squeezed, rubbed, and sheared between the two screw sleeves, and the structure of the material in the extrusion chamber will change with the increase of temperature and pressure, which will further gelatinize the starch, change protein properties, and kill harmful bacteria.
  2. As the high-temperature and high-pressure material is continuously extruded from the die hole of the template and enters the atmosphere, the pressure and temperature drop suddenly, causing the volume of the pellets to expand rapidly, the water to evaporate rapidly, and finally dehydrated and solidified into extruded fish feed pellet.


  • Continuously extruded columnar (aquatic feed) or sheet-shaped extruded feed pellet (pet feed) are cut by a rotary cutter and then cooled, and post-treatment processes such as drying and spraying of additives (such as oil, vitamins, etc.) are also required.
  • The exit of the extrusion section is a template, and the shape of the template is designed to form different die holes according to the needs of different feeds.

Cases of extruder machine for fish feed

1.5-2TPH Floating Fish & Shrimp Feed Line In Iran

1.5-2T/H Fish feed Line & Shrimp Feed Line In Iran

1TPH Floating Fish Feed Plant 5-7 TPH Poultry Feed Plant In Zimbabwe

1T/H Fish Feed & 2*5-7 T/H Poultry Feed Project In Zimbabwe

1-1.2TPH floating fish feed & cattle feed production line in Uzbekistan

1-1.2T/H Floating Fish & Cattle Feed Production Line In Uzbekistan

1TPH wet floating fish feed mill in Honduras

1T/H Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Making Plant In Honduras

1TPH floating fish feed extrusion line in Senegal

1T/H Simple Floating Fish Feed Extrusion Line In Senegal

Why buy an extruder machine for fish feed?

Extrusion processing technology has incomparable advantages over other feed processing technologies. Extrusion and expansion aquatic feed is a high-quality and environmentally friendly feed with low pollution, low waste, high efficiency and high conversion rate.

  • Extrusion and expansion can improve the digestion and utilization rate of feed.
  • Extruded and expanded aquatic feed is stable in water for a long time, with little water quality and environmental pollution.
  • Extrusion and expansion can eliminate harmful microorganisms in the feed.

Extruded and extruded aquatic feed does have incomparable advantages over traditional hard pellet feed. It is both economical and environmentally friendly, and it is an inevitable trend in the development of the aquatic feed industry and aquaculture industry with the theme of green and environmental protection at present and even in the future.

factory supply extruder machine for fish feed

How to Use Extruder Machine For Fish Feed To process high-quality feed products?

Focus on product processing quality control. The focus of extruded feed before extrusion is on changes in nutritional indicators, particle uniformity, specific gravity/floating rate, softening/water resistance time, viscoelasticity of softened particles, powder content, and appearance color.

  • whether the nutritional indicators are up to standard, whether the screening and impurity removal work is in place;
  • whether the crushing particle size and mixing uniformity are up to the standard, cross-contamination prevention and control;
  • whether the degree of conditioning and aging after extrusion.

Raw material and formula

Specifically, the quality coefficient of raw material puffing affects the effect of feed extrusion and extrusion cost. To a certain extent, it determines the final effect of feed expansion.

The feed formulation of extruded floating feed should be designed according to the nutritional requirements of each fish species combined with the characteristics of puffing. It should ensure that there are more than 20% starch raw materials in the raw material ratio, and the additives should be high-temperature resistant.

extruder machine for floating fish feed pellets

Main structure of Fish feed equipment

(choose uniaxial or biaxial, D: L value, distribution of spiral configuration), process equipment configuration (crushing, screening, drying and spraying) and extrusion die hole parameters (single hole structure and die hole area) will affect the quality of extruded feed pellets.

Squeeze operation

The amount of water and steam added will affect the particle size and appearance of the product.

  • Considering the capacity requirements and actual output of the factory, attention should be paid to the control of filling degree and material residence time when adjusting the screw speed;
  • Control of puffing temperature and puffing pressure directly determines the starch gelatinization degree and puffing degree are determined.
extruded floating fish food pellets

Other aspects

The wear and aging of extruder machine for fish feed and whether the operator is a novice will affect the quality of extruded products to a certain extent. This requires us to carry out operation training for novices before taking up the job and formulate a standardized operation manual for reference, and at the same time regularly track the wear of the screw, bushing and mold to determine later maintenance and replacement.

Fish feed extruder requirements for feed raw materials

Grinding particle size

The crushing particle size is very important for the extrusion process. Coarse material crushing particles will reduce the expansion coefficient of the product, and it is easy to block the mold; it will affect the effect of pre-conditioning and extrusion mixing.

It will cause great wear and tear on the extruder and high mechanical energy consumption; it will also make the appearance of the product particles rough.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine the most economical crushing particle size according to the product grade and extrusion requirements.

Starch content

A reasonable but slightly higher starch content will increase the extruder machine for fish feed expansion coefficient and increase the floating rate. It will increase the width of the extrusion operation and easily stabilize product quality.

A slightly higher starch content will increase the flow performance of the material, which is conducive to feed pelleting and helps Improve grain appearance quality. Preferred starchy raw materials are high-gluten flour, corn flour and potato starch.

complete system of extruder machine plant for fish feed

Crude fat content

For a single-screw machine, if the crude fat content of the raw material before extrusion exceeds 8%, there will be poor homogeneity of the material during extrusion, unstable quality, reduced product viscosity, and reduced water resistance; affecting extrusion temperature and pressure, the expansion force is reduced, and the floating rate of the product is reduced.

Therefore, when the total fat content of the extruded floating water feed exceeds 8%, the excess fat should be sprayed outside to reduce the impact on the extrusion process.

It has been proved by production practice that high-fat raw materials are beneficial to improve the grease level, and the minimum uniform oil injection volume is related to the particle size and surface smoothness. The smaller the particle, the easier it is to be uniform.

Crude protein raw materials

The source and content of crude protein have a great influence on the extrusion effect. Generally speaking, the expansion performance of aquatic protein is quite different, and the expansion performance of vegetable protein is generally better.

extruded floating fish feed pellets

Within a certain range, the crude protein content increases, the friction coefficient is small, the wear of extruder machine for fish feed is reduced, the product is well organized, and the viscoelasticity is increased.

Raw materials of fur shells

The greater the proportion of fur and shell materials such as cotton meal, coconut meal, rapeseed meal and other raw materials in the formula, the more difficult it is to crush the material, and the crushing efficiency decreases linearly.

The irregular shape of fur and shell materials is also difficult to fine screen, which will easily lead to mold blocking and increase the production failure rate. For products containing many shell materials, the bubbles generated during processing are easy to burst, and the appearance of product particles is poor.

Production of extruded floating feed

The extruder machine for fish feed is the core equipment of the extruded floating feed production line, but it needs a lot of equipment and processes to process high-quality extruded feed.


The complete floating fish feed processing flow is: cleaning – coarse crushing – first ingredient mixing – fine grinding – second ingredient mixing – puffing granulation – drying & cooling & spraying – packaging.

During extrusion, your solid raw materials are mixed, heated, cooked, gelatinized, dextrinized, shaped and granulated – all in one process. Our floating type fish feed extruders are configured to the specific characteristics of your raw material formulations and the requirements of your end products.

Processing quality and process equipment control points:

①The principle of crushing particle size control.

  • The aperture of the die requires that the aperture of the sieve is less than one-third of the aperture of the die, and the maximum aperture of the sieve does not exceed 1.2mm;
  • The appearance of the product requires that the finer the crushed particle size of the material during the extrusion and puffing process, the better the appearance of the product;
  • In addition, it needs to be based on breeding species, economically and reasonably control the crushing fineness of materials, and reduce unnecessary crushing costs.

② Screen and remove impurities from the semi-finished powder.

  • When the extrusion die hole is below 2.0mm, the powder must be screened through a 18-24 mesh screen to remove impurities;
  • When the extrusion die hole is above 2.0mm, the powder must pass through a 12-16 mesh screen to remove impurities.
  • When the die aperture is below 2.0mm, if the formula contains a large proportion of fur and cotton shell materials, the production stability of extruder machine for fish feed is still poor even after screening with a 24-mesh sieve.
extruder machine for fish-feed-plant

③The effective pressure distance of the die hole structure is in the design of the pressure distance parameters:

  • When the aperture is less than 1.5mm, the pressure distance should be 1.2-1.5 times of the aperture;
  • When the aperture is larger than 2.0mm, the pressure distance is 0.8-2.0 times of the aperture.

The relationship between the pressure distance and the appearance of the product is that the pressure distance of the die hole is short, the surface of the product is porous, and the shape is spherical; the pressure distance of the die hole is long, the surface of the product is smooth, and the shape is a cylinder.

④ Drying process equipment selection.

  • When the product has a variety of specifications and shapes, the bed conveying dryer should be selected, which has the functions of self-cleaning and hot air circulation;
  • When the product specification and shape are single and the production batch is large, a multi-stage flap counter-flow dryer can be selected;
  • When selecting a dryer, it is necessary to consider the requirements of product moisture uniformity, scientific and stable fabric and discharge structure, and it is required to maintain the integrity of the particles and prevent cross-contamination of the process.
complete set floating fish feed production equipment for sale

⑤ Selection of post-spraying process equipment.

Before the material is sprayed, the fine powder and larger particles should be screened and removed; when the post-injection volume is less than 5%, you can choose a continuous drum oil injection machine, and when it is more than 5%, you should choose a batch vacuum oil injection machine (single fluid nozzle ). In addition, it is necessary to precisely control the amount of material and liquid added according to the formula ratio to achieve uniform spraying.

These factors should be adjusted comprehensively in order to produce better quality extruded floating feed. In RICHI, we are particular about these specifications and strive to ensure the highest quality with the lowest possible operating and energy costs.

With the development of the aquaculture industry in the direction of scale, intensification, specialization and factoryization, the requirements for aquafeed are getting higher and higher. The traditional powdery compound feed and granular compound feed have poor stability in water and low sedimentation speed. Fast and easy to cause feed loss and waste and water pollution and other disadvantages, it has become increasingly unsuitable for the needs of modern aquaculture.

floating fish feed

The extruded floating feed can better overcome the disadvantages of powder and pellet feed, and is an ideal feed variety for modern aquaculture, with good market potential and market prospects. Therefore, it is a good choice to invest in extruder machine for fish feed and floating fish feed production lines!


Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622

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    Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622

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