shrimp feed production plant solution

Aqua Feed Production Solution

Our aqua feed production solutions come in a modular design so you can customize them to match your aqua feed production process. We also offer services, maintenance, repairs, automation, technology support and training. These are all designed to deliver high quality products and cost-effective processes. Our aqua feed plants and aqua feed equipment also meet the most stringent sanitation standards.

Aqua feed production projects inclunde: 5-6T/H Fish Feed Mill Machine In Russia, 2T/H Shrimp Feed Mill In Indonesia, 10 T/H Livestock & 5 T/H Fish Feed Mill Factory In Russia, 1.5-2T/H Aqua Fish Shrimp Feed Line In Iran, 5T/H Sinking Fish Feed Line In Uzbekistan, 3-4T/H Fish Feed Mill In Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Aqua feed mill business plans include: Floating Fish Feed Business Plan, Sinking Fish Feed Business Plan, Shrimp Feed Business Plan, etc.

aqua fish shrimp feed processing solution
aqua feed plant turmkey solution

Aqua Feed Production Projects

As one of China’s aqua feed machine manufacturer, we provide customized machinery & equipments and install turnkey aqua feed mills. Explore innovative and customized solutions according to your needs with our process engineering experience!

We are an industry-leading company and well-known In China. We are also among the few aqua feed machine companies in that can manage machinery, process and turnkey projects from a single headquarters.

  • Floating fish feed mill for sale Russia
  • Shrimp feed mill for sale Indonesia
  • Aqua & animal feed combined line in Iran
  • Aqua & pet feed machine in New Zealand
  • Aqua feed line for sale Australia
  • Sinking & floating fish feed mill in Uzbekistan
  • Aqua extruded feed plant in Nigeria
  • Floating feed plant in India
  • Fish Feed Mill In Kyrgyzstan
  • Fish Feed Line In Thailand
  • 1T/H Floating Fish Feed Mill In Zimbabwe
1.5-2TPH Floating Fish & Shrimp Feed Line In Iran

1.5-2T/H Aqua Fish Shrimp Feed Line In Iran

3-4TPH Fish Feed Plant 5-6 tph Animal Feed combined line in Kyrgyzstan

3-4T/H Fish Feed Mill In Kyrgyzstan

aqua feed mill plant project report

Aqua Feed Business Guidance

We work with you and your team to look at the critical issues that affect your aqua feed quality, aqua feed plant efficiency and profitability. Based on this and our many years of experience, we then create a tailored solution for your aqua feed production.

  • Floating Fish Feed Mill Plant
  • Sinking Fish Feed Plant
  • Floating & Singking Fish Feed Plant
  • Shrimp & Floating Fish Feed Plant
  • Shrimp & Sinking Fish Feed Plant
  • Crab & Aqua Feed Mill Plant
  • Livestock & Fish Feed Mill
  • Poultry & Fish Feed Mill
  • Premix & Aqua Feed Mill
  • Aqua Compound Feed and Concentrated Feed Plant


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