10 T/H Livestock & 5 T/H Fish Feed Mill Factory In Russia

Background of 10 t/h livestock & 5 t/h fish feed mill factory in Russia

To some extent, this 10 t/h livestock & 5 t/h fish feed mill factory project shows the development direction of the Russian feed industry. The development of aquaculture in Russia is slow, and aquaculture accounts for 5-6% of the total fish production, which can be seen as a very low value.

However, in global terms, with the increase in demand for high protein and the overfishing of many fish stocks, more and more seafood comes from aquaculture, which has also been growing at a double rate for decades. This also makes Russia must pay attention to and develop the aquaculture industry, but it faces two main problems:

  1. There are 4600 fish farms in Russia, but only 26 fish hatcheries, which is a huge problem. Because fish hatcheries are primarily used to establish new populations, increase existing fish populations, and support research efforts. Obviously, there are relatively few fish hatcheries in Russia.
  2. Fish feed is lacking and of low quality. Russia’s aquafeed production capacity cannot meet the growing demand, more precisely, it is far from meeting the demand. Many farmers buy imported fish feed because of the better quality and wide variety of products for different species. The nutritional requirements of fish vary by species.
10 Ton Livestock & 5 TPH Fish Feed Mill Factory In Russia

For aquafeed processors, Russia has great project opportunities. Fish farmers seek quality fish feed and aquaculture technologies; fish producers seek new technologies to process fish and diversify their product range. And these are also very good prospects for Russian aquafeed processors.

Project overview

The customer of this 15t/h fish feed mill factory project is from Russia and is a livestock and poultry feed producer. Since I am engaged in feed processing myself, I have a certain understanding of the prospect of aquatic feed processing.

When the customer initially consulted us, he just wanted to process pig feed pellets: “Производство гранулированных кормов для свиноводства “.

Due to the good operation of the customer’s feed factory and the in-depth understanding of the global feed processing industry, the customer finally decided to increase the investment amount, intending to build a new aquatic feed line, and at the same time expand its own livestock and poultry feed factory to increase the production capacity by 10t/h .

In fact, unlike our another 5-6 t/h trout floating fish feed mill machine in Russia, this client obviously wants to increase profit points by increasing feed varieties. It has to be said that this method is currently the policy of many medium and large feed mills, and it can indeed increase the income of feed mills.

Russia 10 Ton Livestock & 5 TPH Fish Feed Mill Factory Layout
  • Investment cost: 1,350,000 USD
  • Number of employees: 45 people
  • Work system: 300 working days per year, 16 hours a day
  • Product type: annual output of 25,000 tons of poultry feed and fish feed, 5,000 tons of pig feed
  • Boiler configuration: 6t/h gas boiler and 3t/h gas boiler
  • Power consumption: 1.3 million kWh/year
  • Air consumption: 3 million m³/year

Composition of 15 t/h feed mill factory in Russia

  • Fish feed production line: aquatic feed workshop, aquatic feed finished product warehouse, aquatic raw material warehouse, premixing room;
  • Livestock feed production line: raw material warehouse (front warehouse), raw material warehouse (back warehouse), livestock feed workshop, finished product warehouse, premix room boiler room, office, raw material warehouse.

Product plan

Name Production (t/a)
Fish feed 25000
Poultry feed 25000
Pig feed 25000

Main raw and auxiliary materials

In this Russia 10t/h livestock feed & 5t/h fish feed mill factory project, the maximum processing capacity of aquatic feed raw materials is 6t/h, and the annual raw material consumption is 25,000 tons/year.

Name Consumption (t/a)Remarks
Corn 22000 25kg/bag, powder
Soybean meal 18000 25kg/bag, powder
Rape meal 400025kg/bag, powder
Fish oil 350020kg/drum, liquid
Wheat 100025kg/bag, powder
Calcium hydrogen phosphate 120025kg/bag, powder
Other ingredients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) 30025kg/bag, powder
feed and fish

Energy and water consumption

Energy NameConsumption
Electricity 1.3 million kWh/year
Gas 3 million m³/year
Household water 960 tons/year
Production water 43344 m 3 /a

Process design of 15 t/h feed mill factory in Russia

Fish Feed Production Process

  • Feeding: Use trucks and manual feeding to put the raw and auxiliary materials of aquatic feed into the batching bin.
  • Pre-mixing: Send the raw and auxiliary materials in the batching bin to the mixer through the conveying equipment for pre-mixing, so that the raw materials are mixed evenly.
  • Pulverization: The pre-mixed raw materials are transported to the pulverizer through the suction device and the conveying device, and the raw materials are pulverized into fine particles of a certain size.
  • Mixing ingredients: The crushed raw materials are sent to the mixer and mixed with a certain amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
  • Expansion: The mixed feed is made into specific extruded pellets.
  • Drying and spraying: After the material is extruded by an extruder for fish feed, it will form wet and soft granules, which will be released from the fish pellet extruder. Enter the dryer to dry, reduce the moisture, and then use the air compressor to spray fish oil and other additives on the feed surface.
  • Cooling: the feed pellets are cooled by a pellet cooler.
  • Screening: The fish feed with qualified pellet size is screened through a high square sieve and a grading sieve.
  • Packaging: pack the qualified feed to obtain the finished puffed fish feed.
Russia 10tph livestock feed 5 TPH Fish Feed Mill Factory Process Design

Livestock feed production process:

The livestock feed process design of the 15t/h feed mill factory in Russia:

  • Feeding: Put the raw and auxiliary materials of livestock and poultry feed into the batching bin with trucks and manual feeding.
  • Pre-mixing: Send the raw and auxiliary materials in the batching bin to the mixer through the conveying equipment for pre-mixing, so that the raw materials are mixed evenly.
  • Pulverization: The pre-mixed raw materials are transported to the pulverizer through the suction device and the conveying device, and the raw materials are pulverized into fine particles of a certain size.
  • Mixing ingredients: The pulverized raw materials are transported to the mixer, mixed with a certain amount of water, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and the transportation process is fully sealed.
  • Granulation: steam heating at 170℃, the mixed raw materials form certain feed pellets.
  • Cooling: the feed pellets are cooled by a fan.
  • Screening: The feed with a certain pellet size is screened through a drawer-type high square sieve and a grading sieve.
  • Packing: pack the qualified feed into the purchased woven bag to obtain the finished livestock and poultry feed.
machine for fish feed mill

Equipment list of 15 t/h feed mill factory in Russia

Name QTY
Aqua Fish Feed Pellet Extruder Machine 5T 1
Pulverizer 132KW 11
Mix Blender 2T 5
Fan 30
Bucket Elevator 21
Scraper Conveyor17
Livestock Feed Pellet Machine 3
Feed dryer 3
3T/H gas boiler 1
6T/H gas boiler 1
machine for fish feed plant

Core equipment for 15 t/h feed mill factory in Russia

SZLH Livestock and Poultry Feed Pelletizer

SZLH livestock and poultry feed pellet machine is one of the main equipment promoted by Richi Machinery, and it is the core equipment for the livestock and poultry feed pellet production line.

  • Gear transmission is adopted to increase the working area of the ring die.
  • Configure ring die line speed, multi-point air intake and tempering.
  • We have optimized the arrangement angle of the paddles, which can prolong the tempering time.
  • We have configured an automatic control system for this equipment. The power of the main motor is 37-318kw, and the output is 1-42 tons per hour. It has the advantages of increasing production capacity, improving feed quality, and fully automatic operation.

Aquatic Feed Extruder

  • RICHI twin-screw feed extruder machine uses a unique combination of precision-processed screws to make the oil content in the formula reach 22%.
  • Advanced technology and ring die structure make the pellet size of the product consistent and the surface smooth.
  • PLC touch screen technology, easy to achieve automatic and manual switching.
  • More importantly, it can process fast-sinking feed with a starch content of about 30%, such as shrimp feed.
  • A kind of screw preparation, which can produce both 100% floating feed and 100% sinking feed, which can reduce the dependence on feed formula and reduce the cost of raw materials.
  • The output of sinking feed is increased by 10%-20%, the efficiency of upstream and downstream operation of equipment is improved, and 10-20 kWh/ton of electricity is saved.

Horizontal aquatic feed dryer

In the application of horizontal dryer in the production process of aquatic feed, steam and natural gas heat sources can be selected to achieve the effects of high efficiency, energy saving and stable product quality.

Especially for the renovation of the early dryers in the original process, the energy saving effect is more significant.

For the production process of ordinary aquatic feed, after adjustment of the crushing process (addition of superfine pulverizer and RICHI column special twin-screw extruder for aquatic products), it is equipped with RICHI horizontal dryer to upgrade the process. 

So it can realize the transformation from ordinary aquatic pellet feed production to high-grade extruded aquatic pellet feed production, realize the process upgrading and transformation of aquatic feed mill factory, and meet the market demand.

  • High efficiency and energy saving: steam consumption per ton of finished product is 170-210Kg/natural gas consumption per ton of finished product is 11.5-15m³;
  • Precise control: the moisture uniformity is controlled at ±0.5%;
  • Intelligent control system: One-key start-up, with moisture monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, fault query, production information query and other functions;
  • Flexible configuration: Steam and natural gas heat sources are optional to meet different customer needs.
large feed mill aqua fish feed dryer machine

Vacuum spraying machine

  • Spraying machine is also a highlight product of RICHI. This series of vertical vacuum spraying machines are beautiful and elegant, and there are three kinds of products with 4-6t/h, 8-10 t/h, and 14-16 t/h output.
  • Fully closed state spraying and multiple cycle spraying.
  • Vertical lifting of the material structure can reduce the material damage rate.
  • Multiple groups of nozzles are set on the top to ensure no dead angle of spraying, and the range of fuel injection ratio is wider.
  • The main accessories of the feed equipment are all well-known international brands, which have passed high-intensity inspections and have more stable performance.

Nowadays, aquatic electric fish feed extruder machines have become the main models of manufacturers: twin-screw extruders, single-screw extruders, small pellet extruders, double-platen extruders…Why do aquatic feed extruders become mainstream?

I think it can be said this way: the upgrade from ordinary pellet feed to extruded feed has enabled aquatic feed mill factory to gain a new battlefield, getting rid of the original red ocean market where low prices kill each other and entering a blue ocean market.

A certain profit margin also makes feed companies willing to invest more funds in equipment improvement and raw material (feed) quality control, which reduces the cost of farmers and improves the efficiency of farming.

Russia aqua feed industry

Farmers are willing to buy extruded feed with better benefits, the feed factory hopes to produce higher-quality extruded feed, which also prompts machinery and equipment manufacturers to continuously invest in research and development of new products, forming a virtuous circle.

The blue ocean market of RICHI MACHINERY is not the blue ocean market of aqua fish feed factory?

The commissioning of this high-quality compound feed mill factory will further promote the development of the Russian aquaculture industry and feed processing industry, gather the power of the whole industry to escort the safety of consumers on the tip of their tongues, respect quality, and be a creator and checker of food safety keeper and guardian.

RICHI has always been adhering to the corporate mission of making agriculture and animal husbandry simple, reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient. Providing customers with one-stop full support from process design to equipment installation and commissioning to overall project delivery. Help customers to further build a sustainable development and win-win ecosystem.

If you want to set up a 15t/h feed mill factory in Russia or any country in the world, contact Richi Machinery for a latest technology and high quality feed production solution!


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