Floating Fish Feed Production Line

The floating fish feed production line is an aquatic feed processing system specially designed for extruded feed, and is suitable for the processing of various types of extruded aquatic feed, pet extruded feed, and livestock and poultry extruded feed.

Richi Machinery is committed to providing customers with high-quality 1-60t/h floating fish feed line equipment and providing multi-faceted technical support.

floating fish feed production line solution

According to the attributes of different fish feeds such as floating catfish food, floating trout pellets, floating betta food, tilapia floating fish feed, etc., the configuration and construction plan of the floating fish feed pellet production line are customized.

At the same time, optimize the combination of various types of equipment to finally meet the customer’s demand for high-yield and low-consumption extruded feed processing.

floating fish feed production line solution

  • The scope of the floating fish feed mill design includes the production area, office and living area, as well as the relevant off-site railway and highway special lines, etc.;
  • The content of the design includes the general plan, process, auxiliary production system, information system and civil engineering, etc.;
  • Process design mainly includes the formulation of floating fish feed making process flow and equipment selection, workshop structure and equipment layout, transportation network and ventilation and dust removal network, workshop self-made equipment and facilities, and silo layout, etc.;
  • The design of auxiliary production system mainly includes steam supply system and compressed air system, power distribution and transmission system, water supply and drainage engineering, environmental protection engineering and machine repair, accessories room, woven bag warehouse, label warehouse, etc.;
  • Information system design mainly includes information management system (management software, monitoring, network), testing system and production automatic control system;
  • Civil engineering design of the floating fish feed production line mainly includes the general plan, various buildings and structures, and roads.
floating fish feed manufacturing plant project report

With the rapid development of the aquaculture industry, the traditional breeding methods are far from meeting people’s needs. The requirements for aquatic feed are not only balanced nutrition, good stability of the feed in water, etc., but also the environment in which animals live——The quality of water bodies puts forward more stringent requirements.

Therefore, the requirements for aquatic feed processing technology are getting higher and higher. Better feed technology means better feed quality, higher feed processing efficiency and better breeding effect.

Floating fish feed production line project

For decades, RICHI’s floating fish feed pellet production line equipment has taken root in countries all over the world with solid product quality and services, and has served thousands of customers successively.

1.5-2TPH Floating Fish & Shrimp Feed Line In Iran


1.5-2T/H Twin-screw Floating Fish Production Line & Shrimp Feed Line In Iran

1.5-2TPH Floating Fish Feed Plant In Russia


1.5-2T/H Floating Fish Feed Machine Plant In Russia

1TPH Floating Fish Feed Plant 5-7 TPH Poultry Feed Plant In Zimbabwe


1T/H Floating Fish Feed Mill Plant & 2*5-7T/H Poultry Feed Plant In Zimbabwe

1-1.2TPH floating fish feed & cattle feed production line in Uzbekistan


1-1.2T/H Floating Fish & Cattle Feed Production Line In Uzbekistan

1TPH wet floating fish feed mill in Honduras


1T/H Wet Type Floating Fish Feed Mill In Honduras

Under the concept of environmental friendliness and ecology friendliness, it has participated in local feed processing construction and agricultural resources development, create more value for customers, and become a beautiful local landscape.

Process Design of  floating fish feed production line

According to the characteristics of many varieties of aquatic feed, large changes in raw materials, high requirements for crushing fineness, and poor fluidity of materials, RICHI floating fish feed making line generally adopts secondary crushing and secondary ingredient mixing in the production process, and then undergoes puffing, drying, Spraying, cooling, crushing and screening to complete the processing of aquatic extruded feed.

floating fish feed extrusion process

(1) Cleaning of raw materials and primary crushing

There are generally two forms of raw materials used in aqua feed mills:

  • Powder, no coarse crushing is required. Directly enter the cleaning sieve for impurity removal, and then perform magnetic separation to participate in the first batching;
  • Coarsely crushed material – pellets. After impurity removal and magnetic separation, it is coarsely crushed by a pulverizer, and then enters the batching bin to participate in the first batching.
  • Individual raw materials, such as shrimp shells, can be directly separated into the bin to be crushed after being magnetically separated without the initial cleaning.

The first coarse crushing is the pretreatment process of superfine crushing in aquatic  floating fish feed production line. Its main purpose is to reduce the particle size difference and variation range of materials, improve the working condition of the superfine pulverizer, and improve the working efficiency of the superfine pulverizer. , To ensure the stability of product quality.

floating fish feed producing line

(2) The first batching and mixing

The first batching is mainly the preparation of bulk raw materials, that is, the preparation of relatively large materials in the formula.

The first batching and mixing are also the pretreatment process of ultrafine pulverization, which is mainly to reduce the variation range of material particle size, improve the working condition and efficiency of the pulverizer, and ensure the quality of the product.

(3) Secondary grinding and mixing of secondary ingredients

In the secondary crushing process, the primary mixed materials are lifted by the elevator and then enter the bin to be crushed, and then enter the fine pulverizer. The material after the second crushing is subjected to secondary batching and mixing. Various raw materials enter the secondary mixer after secondary batching.

In the secondary mixing process, various materials must be fully mixed, and the coefficient of variation CV is less than 7%, which is the key to ensuring product quality.

floating fish feed line use extruder machine

(4) Extrusion and granulation process

In the extrusion process of floating fish feed production line, the material is extruded by an extruder to form wet and soft granules (moisture content is 25% to 30%). Due to its high moisture content, it must be dried in a dryer to make the material dry. Moisture drops to around 13%.

In the previous process, the nutrients that should not be added can be supplemented by external spraying, which can also improve the palatability of the feed and reduce the powder content.

The optimum working temperature for this process is around 80°C. After the material passes through the external spraying system, it can enter the counterflow cooler for cooling.

(5) Finished product processing and packaging

After being transported by the bucket elevator, the cooled material is crushed and enters the rotary screen for classification. The grading sieve is generally a two-layer sieve:

  • The material on the lower sieve is the finished product, which can be directly put into the finished product warehouse, and then weighed and packaged.
  • The material on the upper sieve needs to be returned to the crusher for crushing.
  • The material under the lower sieve is generally finely crushed material, which can be returned to the batching bin as waste.

The above floating fish feed production line process is the conventional configuration of the current aquatic extruded feed processing technology. Using this process, extruded floating feed and extruded sinking feed can be produced.

fish feed factory bagging system

Nowadays, as a new type of aquatic feed mill technology, the extruded feed processing technology has been recognized by more and more feed manufacturers.

Floating fish feed extrusion technology is the development trend of feed processing industry in the future, especially in the application of aquatic feed and pet feed, it will replace the traditional hard pellet feed processing technology.

Equipment for Floating fish feed production line

Generally speaking, the core production equipment of a floating fish feed factory is hammer mill, ultrafine pulverizer, mixer, fish extruder, dryer, cooler, spraying machine, screening machine, packing scale, etc. The selection of equipment plays a vital role in feed production and ensuring feed quality.

aqua feed grinder machine for sale

Fish Feed Grinder

aqua feed mixing machine for sale

Fish Feed Mixer

ultra fine powder grinder for sale

Ultrafine Grinder

aqua feed drying machine for sale

Fish Feed Dryer

aqua fish feed pellet cooler machine

Pellet Cooler

screening machine for sale

Rotary Screener

aqua feed mill packing machine for sale

Packaging Machine

Featured floating fish feed production line design

Over the past decades, we have accumulated rich practical experience, tailored reasonable and practical scheme configurations for thousands of customers, and provided a full set of services throughout pre-sales, sales and after-sales. Below, RICHI will list several characteristic floating fish feed manufacturing line designs and equipment configuration solutions.

floating fish feed line design

1.8-2T/H(Wet Type)Floating Fish Feed& Pet food Complete Line

  • Application: floating fish feed
  • Cost: 300000USD
  • Floating fish feed production process:Crushing system——Mixing system——Extruding system——Packing system ——Electrical control system

Main equipment:

Fish food grinderSFSP66*601
Fish feed mixer machineSLHY1.0A1
Extruder machine for fish feedRCPH120*21
Fish feed drying machineDHG-2000Q1
Coating machineRISP-20001
Cooling machineSKLN17*171
Vibrating screenerTDZS801
Auto-packing machineDCS-501

Auxiliary equipment:

Screw conveyor*TLSS20, Bin before crusher*2.5m³, Draught fan*4-72-3.2A, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.12B, Air-locked screw conveyor*TLSS20, Bucket elevator*TDTG36/18, Bin before mixer*1m³, Screw conveyor*TLSS20, Permanent magnetic sleeve*TCXT20, Pre-Crushing bin*1m³, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.24A, Screw conveyor (Air locked)*TLSS20, etc.

3TPH High Quality floating fish feed production line

  • Application:extruded feed pellets
  • Cost:646200 USD
  • Floating fish feed production process:Raw materials recieving and crushing system——First-time crushing system——First-time batching and mixing system——Fine crushing system (Second-time crushing system )——Second-time mixing system——Puffing and drying system ——Automatic packing system——Oil adding system——MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel
floating fish feed production line case

Main equipment:

Fish feed hammer mill crusherSWSP66*601
Batching scalePLC0.5A2
Double ribbon mixerSLHY1.0A2
Ultrafine grinderSWFL110C1
Floating feed extruder machineRCPH120*21
Fish feed dryer machineSKGD200-3ZP1
Rotary screenerSFJH125*11
Coating machineYPLV801
Cooling machineSKLN17*171
Automatic packing machineDSC-501
Oil/Liquid adding systemSYTZ1002

Auxiliary equipment:

Draught fan*4-72-3.2A, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.12, Bucket elevator*TDTG40/23, Drum pre-cleaner*SCY63, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.36, Air-locked conveyor*TLSS20, Permanent magnet drum*TCXT20, Powder pre-cleaner*SCQZ60*50*100, Rotary distributor*TFPX6, etc.

5TPH complete Floating Fish Feed production Line

  • Application: extruded fish feed production
  • Cost :USD 961660
  • Floating fish feed production process:Raw materials recieving and crushing system——First-time crushing system——First-time batching and mixing system——Fine crushing system (Second-time crushing system )——Second-time mixing system——Puffing and drying system——Automatic packing system——Oil adding system——MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel
floating fish feed production line project

Main equipment:

Hammer mill feed grinderSWSP66*601
Rotaory distributorTFPX61
Batching scalePLC0.5A2
Feed mixer machineSLHJ1A2
Ultrafine grinderSWFL130E1
Fish feed dryer machineSKGD200-5ZP1
Coating machineSYPL15C1
Fish feed extruderRCPH150*21
Rotary screenerSFJH125*11
Cooling machineSKLN17*171
Automatic packing machineDSC-501

Auxiliary equipment:

Draught fan*4-72-3.2A, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.12, Inlet hopper, Scraper conveyor*TGSS20, Bucket elevator*TDTG40/23, Pnenmatic three-way*YSTZ22A, Drum pre-cleaner*SCY63, Storage bin, Premix scale*PLC0.1B , Double cyclone*SK800*2, Oil/Liquid adding system*SYTZ100, etc.

10TPH Floating Fish Feed extrusion Line

  • Application:extruded feed
  • Cost :USD 1250340
  • Floating fish feed production process:Raw materials recieving and crushing system——First-time crushing system——First-time batching and mixing system——Fine crushing system——(Second-time crushing system )——Second-time mixing system——Puffing and drying system——Automatic packing system——Oil adding system——MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel
floating fish feed production line price

Main equipment:

Fish food grinder machineSFSP66*801
High efficiency fish feed mixerSLHJ2A2
Micro pulverizerSWFL130E2
Floating feed extruderRCPH185*21
Drying machineSKGD200-8ZP1
Rotary screenerSFJH150*11
Coating machineSYPL25C1
Pellet cooler machineSKLN20*201
Automatic packing machineDSC-501
Oil/Liquid adding systemSYTZ2002

Auxiliary equipment:

Draught fan*4-72-3.2A, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.12, Bucket elevator*TDTG50/28, Pnenmatic three-way*YSTZ22A, Permanent magnet drum*TCXT20, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.48, Powder pre-cleaner*SCQZ60*50*100, Rotary distributor*TFPX6, Batching scale*PLC1.0A, Premix scale*PLC0.1B, Scraper conveyor*TGSU20, Storage bin*2m3, etc.

5-6T/H Animal Feed & 3-4T/H pet food & Floating Fish Feed combined Line

  • Application: floating feed, pet food & poultry livestock feed production
  • Cost: USD 186960
  • Floating fish feed production process:Crushing and mixing system——Extruding system and pelletizing system——Cooling and Packing system——Oil adding system——MCC Control Center
floating fish feed production line setup

Main equipment:

Stainless steel hammer millSFSP66*601
Fish feed mixing machineSLHY2.5L1
Floating fish pellet extruderRCPH120*21
Animal feed pellet machineSZLH3501
Aqua feed drying machineRH-WH22001
Oil spraying machine 1
Cooling machineSKLN17*171
Automatic bagging machineDCS-501
Oil adding machineYZTG100a1
Boiler system1.5T,0.7Mpa1
Air compressor and srorage tank11KW1

Auxiliary equipment:

Screw conveyor*TLSS20, Buffer bin*2.5 m³, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.24a, Settling chamber, Screw conveyor (air locked)*TLSS20, Bucket elevator*TDTG36/18, Pneumatic gate valve*TZMQ30A, Draft fan*4-72-4A, Cyclone*ф1000, etc.

2T/H Floating fish feed production line& 5-6T/H animal feed line

  • Application:extruded fish feed, shrimp feed, poultry livestock feed
  • Cost:247290 USD
  • Floating fish feed production process:PLC Dosing/Batching System( With 4 sets 20 Ton Silo )——Crushing and mixing system——Extruding and drying system——Cooling and packing system——Oil adding system——Electrical control system
large floating fish feed production line

Main equipment:

Feed hammer mill grinderSFSP56*401
Aqua feed mixing machineSLHY1.0A1
Animal feed pelleting machineSZLH3501
Fish food extruder machineRCPH120*21
Drying machine for fish feedRH-WH20001
Cooling machineSKLN17*171
Sewing + belt conveyour 1
Auto-packing machineDCS-501
Oil/water adding machineYZTG100a1

Auxiliary equipment:

Discharging pit, Well shape frame(2.0*2.0*16m), Bucket elevator*TDTG36/28, Screw conveyor*TLSU20, Rotary distributor*TFPX-4, Cone Silos(φ3.67m*1.5C Volume 32.67m³ 22T), Batching scale*PLC0.5A, Weighting PLC screen*PLC-100, Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.12a, Stainless steel anti-caking bin*2m³, Stainless steel conditioner*TZ35*200, etc.

Advantages of extruded pellet feed

The extruded pellet feed is loose in texture and has a porous structure. The extruded pellet feed can float on the water surface for a long time, which is convenient for the breeder to observe the feeding situation of aquatic animals.

Adjust the feeding amount in time according to the amount of feed intake, and remove the excess feed out of the breeding pond to reduce the pollution of the feed to the water quality.

extruded feed

Extruded pellet feed is produced by fish feed extruder and floating fish feed production line. During processing, the materials are processed under high temperature, high pressure, and high shear. On the one hand, some harmful fungi and toxins in the raw materials are killed or destroyed, and on the other hand, the structure of the materials changes.

Therefore, after extrusion, the starch and protein in the raw materials are easily digested and absorbed by fish and shrimp. Extruded pellets are more stable in water and not easy to collapse and lose.

Floating fish feed production line business plan


Kindly quote us for floating fish feed production capacity 10mt/hr destination Australia full line fully automated.

The 10 tons per hour floating fish feed production line in Australia we configure usually costs between 200,000 and 2.5 million US dollars. According to the different scheme design and equipment configuration, the price varies greatly. Please contact us directly online, we will customize your fish feed manufacturing plant according to your raw materials, formulations, solutions and special process requirements.

Hi, how much is the fish floating feed machine plant ( 2 ton )? Quantity: 1 unit. What is the shipping cost to Alexandria port, Egypt? Thank you

The 2 tons per hour floating fish feed machine plant is usually between US$80,000 and US$400,000. Regarding the transportation price, you can directly consult our customer service staff online to obtain an accurate quotation.

I am planning starting a catfish feed production business. A 1-2 Ton/hour would be a good start and I would like to start with crushing and mixing component and extrusion only. May I get an estimate cost, including delivery to Maputo, Mozambique. Best Regards.

According to your process requirements, the total price of the equipment is generally before 80,000 to 150,000. Regarding the freight, you can directly contact us online to obtain real-time sea freight prices.floating fish feed production line 10 tons per hour

I need to find out if you have machine that makes floating fish extruded feed and fish feed pellets feed.

Yes, we supply both floating fish feed machine and sinking fish feed machine. Floating fish feed usually adopts extruded feed process, while sinking fish feed can adopt traditional pelleting process or extruded process.
Depending on the process, the equipment configuration is also different. Please contact our technical consultants directly online to customize your process plan and equipment list.

I need floating pellet machine, complete production line system in Malaysia. Can you send a price quote to us. the production capacity we want is 1ton/h.

The price of 1 ton floating fish feed making line is usually 30,000-150,000 USD. According to your needs, we can also provide custom design services.

 Pls send me a proforma incoice include transport price for 2-3t/h floating fish feed production line.

The 2-3t/h floating fish feed line cost is USD 80,000-500,000. If you want to confirm the shipping cost, you can tell us the port where the equipment will arrive.

Interesting in 12t/h complete extruded fish feed machinery. We are looking for a quotation and other information of a floating fish feed production line.To discuss further about this could you please provide me whatspp/wechat number? Thanks in advance Regards.

The 12t/h complete aqua feed production line cost is usually between 900,000-2.5 million US dollars. For more details, please contact WhatsApp:+86 138 3838 9622how to build floating fish feed production line

I am involved in fish farming. i have 25 fish pond. i need a complete floating fish feed line machine to produce fish feed in my own farm to feed the the fish.

In order to calculate the capacity of the floating fish feed production line, we also need to know the quantity of fish you breed, or you can provide the area of the fish pond for our engineer to calculate and provide you with the corresponding production line quotation.

Dear Sir/Madam, I write to request quotes from your floating fish feed production line for 3-4T/H. 

The 3-4 tons per hour fish feed production plant price is usually between US$90,000 and US$600,000. We have had a lot of experience in process design and equipment processing of floating fish feed production plant. If you want to customize your production line, please contact us directly online.

Hi. We Re interested in a 4-5 ton hr floating fish feed production line without the crushing part. It would we to process tilapia feed, salmon feed, etc. Have you sold any machines in Latin America?

The price of 4-5 tons of floating fish feed production line is usually before 135,000-900,000 US dollars. We have exported feed equipment to Latin American countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Dominica, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guyana and Cuba.

Please send me a quote for a 7 tonnes per hours floating fish feed complete production line. Please include transportation to Lusaka, Zambia.

The fish feed factory price of this capacity is between 140,000 and 1.2 million US dollars.Regarding the shipping cost, you can directly contact our customer service staff online to obtain the latest shipping quotation.floating fish feed production line project

Hello, I would like to know the prices of the 20t/h floating fish feed complete production line machines, for the moment I’m in Ethiopia in a project but I am planning to open the factory in March 2024. Best regards.

The 20 ton floating fish feed production line is a large-capacity feed processing system, which is relatively complicated and involves various processes and plant layout issues. Generally speaking, the production line price of this output is more than 2 million US dollars.
For the construction of a complete feed production line, we will closely track the progress of the project from the customer consultation stage to process design, equipment processing, installation, and commissioning to support customers.

I need a quote for the production line for floating fish feed and poultry feed production line capacity from 5 tons to 8 tons per hour.

This is a combined feed production line, that is, two or more feeds are processed in one production line. Before providing a quotation, we need to know some questions, such as:
Are the two feed processes the same? Does the poultry feed also adopt the extruding process? What are the required quantities of floating fish feed and poultry feed? …
There are many possibilities for this type of production line, depending on the requirements. Because, our technical consultants need to communicate with you further, so as to configure the floating fish feed production line that really suits you. (For more details, follow us on YouTube)


Keeping in touch with us is an effective way to solve all your problems. If you have any needs or questions, please leave your contact information, then RICHI technical consultants will send design, quotation, videos to your mailbox. You can also contact us directly via WhatsApp: +86 13838389622

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